"stunning new folk" 
Paul Gough, Radio National


"Drawing inspiration from the likes of Agnes Obel and Sufjan Stevens...the two sisters were a captivating, melodic taste of haunted folk tunes who are already festival veterans and whose fanbase is sure to swell."
Beat Magazine, 2018

 "Though still barely teenagers, sisters Mabel and Ivy have already racked up a number of years performing professionally. Clare Bowditch took them out on her Winter Secrets Tour and their stark, unaffected harmonies won over all before them. Of course there’s that psychic musical conversation that only siblings can engage in, the sisters’ voices intertwining and dancing around each other, finishing each other’s musical sentences. But for a duo so young to conjure a full album of music so candid and original as this is astonishing. Where, say, First Aid Kit, wear influences and inspirations on their sleeves, Charm Of Finches sound like they’re mining something far more ancient and universal."
Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine 2016

"The songs and timeless melodies that you hear in a Charm Of Finches performance, or in their recordings, are perhaps the nicest and sweetest sounds you will hear in a week, or a year...Incredibly young with beautiful voices and original, thought provoking song writing, COF are blowing audiences away where ever they play. It's comforting to know that there are young musicians around that work hard at creating and promoting their wares in a world where digital entertainment, film, games, smart phones and the rest, take up so much time and can leave us with little space to create at all. Sensational and inspiring music is a wonderful thing and COF are indeed both. "
The Night Sky is a Jewellery Store Window, 2016

"The Gill Rees Award for a promising young musician (or musicians) was awarded to the girls from Charm of Finches, only 14 & 17 from Melbourne who delighted one and all with their outstanding musicianship and smooth harmonies. " 
Rhythms Magazine, April 2017 

"the harmonies are immaculate and stirring"
 Tone Deaf

"folk purity...affecting and emotional" 
The Music